Somatic Cables

Price (Item Level): 16,200 gp (14th)
Body Slot: Torso (embedded)
Caster Level: 10th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 20) transmutation
Activation: Swift (mental)
A small mass of writhing metal cables slides from your chest, twisting about one another in arcane configurations.
Developed for spellcasting warforged, somatic cables can be used to execute the somatic component of any spell. This effect allows a warforged to cast spells even with both hands occupied, when its hands are immobilized, or even when grappled (though this still requires a Concentration check).
A warforged who suffers from a spell failure chance due to armor can roll twice, taking the better of the two results.
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Still Spell, telekinesis.
Cost to Create: 14,700 gp, 1,176 XP, 30 days.

Source: Forge of War

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