Sons Of Siberys

The Adventuring Party comprising of the following;

Name Class Notes
Thrash ir Tharashk Human Ranger5, Rogue 1 A bounty hunter, belonging to House Tharashk, from the Shadow Marches. His tracking, stealth, and skill at gathering information, is a great asset to the party whe dealing with less typical shady situations.
Tarius Gravetouched Aerenal Elf Necromancer 3/ Cleric 3 Considered an abomination by his homeland, this Wizard (Chirurgeon/Mortician in his spare time) doles out tremendous damage with his spells, and raises terrifying undead to bolster the ranks. Though his methods and personality may be less than righteous, his effectiveness in battle, and his ability to always produce just the right spell at the right time, can not be ignored.
Torion ir'Vadalis Human Druid 6/ Master of Many Forms 1 A noble animal trainer and breeder for House Vadalis and Cyran refugee, this young druid has been steadily rising in status both within his house and within the public eye. He has begun taking the form of powerful animals, filling whatever need arises on the battlefield as he sees fit. He is flexible and has strong morals concerning the wilds and their denizens, which may be good for the party to be reminded of at times. As well, his connections with the dragonmarked houses are invaluable to the party. Has a penchant for his velociraptor form, usually his first resort when it comes to melee combat.
Centerleft Warforged Fighter 5, Warforged Juggernaut 1 An absolute powerhouse built for war, this mysterious construct literally picked himself up off the battlefield and walked into the party. He is strong, tough, and has a remarkable ability to follow orders to the letter. He has recently returned to the service of Breland as an international police officer, serving Breland's interests abroad as he travels with the party. His sheer damage output and ability to resist attacks make him an invaluable addition, as well as being a sort of proxy moral compass for the party in his new role as a public servant of Breland.
Todd Human Cleric 5/ Church Inquisitor 2 An aspiring scholar and explorer at Morgrave University, this young cleric of Aureon has begun establishing a name for himself in the academic world as well as securing a place for himself on the team. Though his combat skills are lacking, his keen observational eye helps pick out enemy weaknesses, and his healing and enhancing spells are much appreciated when the combat begins to turn south.

Team Perks
Natural Connection Spirit - Provides a means of interparty communication, and a way to assist each other with Magical Storage. Earned by the party as a reward for helping the Lycanthropes of Wolf's Paw village fight back against the mad paladin, Captain Landas d'Medani of the Knights Templar, Lycan Watch.

Teamwork Benefits
None yet

Party Assets

Property: Wolfran Island, Renamed to Isla Mogrova; now a vassal state of Breland.
Graywall Morgue

Party's Major Deeds

Sons of Siberys Timeline
Fought off a House Tarkanan bandit attack on the Lightning Rail
Defended the community of Wolf's Paw and eliminated a corrupt Paladin of the Silver Flame
Made a deal with The Eternal Cogs to establish a weapons development facility on Wolfran Island
Rescued The Holglen from perpetual stasis
Bested and Embarassed the Lord of Blades in front of a crowd of his followers.
Liberated Wolfran Island, renaming it Isla Mogrova, and declaring it a Sovereign Province of Breland, with members taking various leadership roles on the island.

Favors Earned

Party gets one favor request for the whole party from House Orien
Thrash - 2 Favors with House Tharashk for Bounties
Torion gets a one-time +5 bonus to a favor roll from House Vadalis from the Wolf's Paw story arc.

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