Sons Of Siberys Timeline

Therendor (March) 998YK

13 - Game begins; Daellin and Torion meet Nevimelk and clean out The Gray Sword's basement of Rats Chapter 1
14 - Chapter 2 - Get Fortunes told by Zellara ir'Varisia, Auric Davian offers a job
15 - Group meets Auric and Geoffrey down at the docks in Precarious in morning, leave for Wolfran Island make land by evening and fight the devilfish. Group heads west into the jungle, bargains with a fire elemental, battles zombie ape and snakes for first half of elemental binding stone.
16 - Chapter 3 - Head north and fight through ghoul swarm to retrieve second half of elemental binding stone. Chapter 4 The group released the Elemental and then endured everything Wolfran Manor had to throw at them. Chapter 5
17 - Returned to Sharn in an elemental skiff piloted by Traven who leaves for Karrnath after dropping the group off in Sharn.
Original Group disbands, game doesn't pick up again until Barrakas 2

Eyre (April) 998YK

Dravago (May) 998YK

Nymm (June) 998YK

Lharvion (July) 998YK

Barrakas (August) 998 YK

2 - Chapter 6 - Ferrel ir'Vadalis gets the group (Tarius, Torion, Thrash, Todd and Centerleft) together for the first time and hires them to bring his son Orion ir'Vadalis north to the Eldeen Reaches. Tarius does an autopsy on a noble killed by a werewolf, sells it's blood to Lan Hazal's vampire spawn servant, Shael.
3 - Chapter 7 - Train ride to Wroat, meeting Cadence on the train, spend the night in Wroat. Orion wolfs out that night.
4 - Adrupt departure in the morning, leave from Wroat, stop in Hatheril, and then Bandit Attack outside Sword Keep. Afterwards the elementals malfunction, attempting to crash the lightning rail, but the party interferes and saves the rail and it's passengers. Chapter 8 Gallin d'Frin examines Centerleft in Sword Keep.
5 - Leave Sword Keep, puts in at Passage. Questioned by Captain Landas d'Medani, escape from The Silver Flame HQ, and the changeling Dis stows them away on a boat heading for Cree.
7 - Arrive in Cree and then head north to Wolf's Paw where they meet Halden and Lundragon.
9 - Chapter 9 - The Five visits Wolf's Paw warning the village to turn over Orion.
11 - Torion and Thrash ride out of town and attempt the assassination of Landas in his tent, interrupting the ritual summoning a Hound Archon.
12 - The Battle of Wolf's Paw Chapter 9
13 - Move back to Sharn via lightning rail, takes until 20th.
21 - Centerleft is deputized as an international Police Officer and given his Orders.
22 - Todd told that he may get a promotion based on his lycan papers, asked to give a symposium in a week.
23 - Chapter 10 - Tarius goes to see Lan Hazal regarding Scrappy, the party is attacked by Tigrin Swordsages in the alley on the way back. Centerleft brings one survivor to the guard for questioning.
24- Centerleft questions down at the docks district regarding Tigrin, learns of an unusual foreign vessel spotted in the harbor which isn't at any of the piers.
25 - Centerleft and Thrash are given a bounty, the war criminal Zagodin, who is to be brought to justice at the Tribunal of Thronehold.
26 - Party questions about Zagodin at Knives and Needles, a scoundrel outfitters. Find his warehouse whereabouts.
27 - Find Zagodin's abandoned warehouse overtaken by Kobolds, defeat the clockwork minotaur and Todd almost dies in lava. Find a huge stash of Khyber Dragonshards and sell them off at the Tharashk enclave. They then gleefully purchase a horde of high-end magic items. Centerleft commissions a large steel shield to be made for him (Will take 10 days).
28 - Chapter 13 Todd gives his speech at the symposium in the University District's Grand Stage. A Thri-keen attempts to psionically manipulate the packed crowd into a shifter-human race riot, but fails and Torion and Thrash beat him literally to death and back.

Rhaan ( September) 998YK

1 Leave for Vathirond, bargain for cannons to be emplaced on Wolfran Island
2 Chapter 14 Enter the Mournlands that morning, fight off a carcass crab just an hour into it.
3 Meet with Eternal Cogs weaponeers and complete the deal. See warforged tracks including the Titan's.
4 They head east and meet the Warforged Debt Collectors headed up by Katar, they battle them in a small town straddling a river of undead and ooze.
5 Chapter 15 Prismatic rain day, avoid a group of giant ants, Freed the Holglen and then made it to Kalazart where they fought off a huge pack of ghouls.
6 Narrowly escaped the black dragon Pothikirothuros, blinding it and stealing the Ioun Stone linked to the Fiendstone. Meet up with Cadence and her band of Warforged.
7 Chapter 16 Hail and Tornado day, attacked by a mutant Colossal Scorpion, todd almost abducted by the tornado.
8 Finally get to the Blades Base Camp. Rest there for the night.
9 Leave Base Camp in an airship bound for Metrol at first light. Reach Metrol and then meet and doublecross the Lord of Blades, abducting Zagodin in the process.
(Steel Shield is ready for Centerleft back in Sharn)
10 Reach Gatherhold Chapter 17
11 Are summoned by the Monk of The Unspoken Word to meet with Ougwai, Tarius encounters Aerenal Cleansors
14 Leave Gatherhold to head to Thronehold
15 Arrive in Thronehold, drop off Zagodin for rewards
19 Land Back in Sharn late that night, Torion learns of his island's state. Todd receives promotion and faculty housing.
20 Tarius participates in a Sacrement of blood, becomes Priest of Blood of Vol. Torion makes a deal with Captain Meira for Isla Mogrova, Vassalhood in exchange for use of an army.
21 Torion informs the rest of the party of the developments on the Island, requests their help.
Chapter 18 -

Sypheros (October)

6 Ir'Tain Gala takes place. King Boranel is scheduled to be at this one in order for Torion to pledge his land's allegiance as a vassal state to Breland, and for the king to publicly pledge his nation's aid. Torion becomes a Lord, and is a member of the Brelish government.
The entire party is encouraged to come to the Gala to support the cause, but only Torion is required, and Centerleft has been ordered by Captain Meira to attend.
9 Departure date for the invasion of Isla Mogrova, beach landing takes place that evening. Chapter 19
10 Army attacks the Ghoul Village and Vadalis Exotic Breeding Facility that afternoon. Chapter 20
11 Army moves on the Psionic Jamming station which has been set up on the old airship tower. Chapter 21 Nevimelk is crushed and killed by errant catapult fire.
12 Chapter 22 Early Morning Counterattack by Lungtite forces, Party sneaks in and attacks Wolfran Manor, killing the Tigrin Commander Ner'Tuz in a matter of seconds. Chapter 23

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