Sons Of Siberys Upcoming Session
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Active Subplots

Subplot Affects Progress
Centerleft's Docent Centerleft only Has discovered it's bullrush stopping properties and the general qualities of it. An artificer from the Wayfinder Foundation, Vandien Mandiel, studied his docent and made some sketches of the Giantish writing to decipher it at a later date.
Jurassic Park Z Torion Mainly, Party by association Torion owns the island with Daellin, but when he tried contacting him there was no answer. House Vadalis had been breeding dinosaurs on the island and there is a history of ghoul fever rampant on the island. Torion suspects the worst.
Cuban Missile Crisis Redux Whole Party Torion gave license to the Weapons Manufacturor's the Eternal Cogs, to set up their development labs on his southeast corner of his island in exchange for a couple of warforged launching Mass Driver Cannons for the island defense. This is raising alarm bells with Breland being so close to their shores, and Karrnath is extremely interested in using their island as an outpost.
Fiendstone Shard Todd Mainly, Party and global effects The Shard of Wisdom is Held by Ougwai in the Mror Holds, and The Shard of Intelligence is Held by Lungtai in Xen'Drik. Todd has the Charisma Shard at the moment and is beginning to unravel the history behind it. He knows about the other two shards being discovered and suspects more may be out there.
Warforged Debt Party The party stole a great deal of goods from the Warforged working for the Lord of Blades, about 250,000gp worth of goods. They are tracking the party and want to collect what they owe them, by force. The next encounter will be with the Warforged Debt Collectors in the Mournland

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Lungtai - Has sent a strike fleet of animal warriors to the Island to bring the party back into a trap. Specifically the Yuan-ti, Felli troopers, and Thri-Kreen. A couple of Nameless Abominations were brought as heavy artillery, and a Dragon Turtle patrols the waters.
The Lord of Blades - Supremely Pissed, is putting together a group of assassins geared strictly towards killing the Sons of Siberys.
The Emerald Claw - Is aware of the party now thanks to his black dragon pet. May begin sending dragonspawn after them.
Aerenal - After Tarius, dedicated to destroying his undead taint.

The Eternal Cogs - Not happy, they were ambushed by Lungtai's minions who sunk several of their ships, those that made it were almost all killed by undead and dinosaurs. They are demanding compensation.

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