Source Token

Gray marble with moving shadows on its
A random one of the following appears in an
open hex of the user’s choice within 30’. It
obeys the user’s commands (if able) &
disappears after 10 rounds.
d20 Creature d20 Creature
1 Small Tree 11 Lion
2 Dire Rat 12 Grick
3 Owl 13 Shocker Lizard
4 Monkey 14 Deinonychus
5 Octopus 15 Owlbear
6 Hyena 16 Dire Ape
7 Monst. Spider, 17 Grimlock
8 Snake, Med. 18 Bugbear
9 Horse, Light 19 Lizardfolk
10 Dire Wolf 20 Ogre

Single Use
Moderate Conjuration , Caster level 6
Craft Wondrous Item
Summon Monster III Cost: 187gp, 15xp,
Price: 375gp

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