Spell Compendium

A collection of spells from a variety of previously published sources.
Spell Compendium is a collection of material that previously appeared in a number of different products and other sources.
Following is a list of those sources and their authors.

D&D Supplements

Complete Adventurer by Jesse Decker
Complete Arcane by Richard Baker
Complete Divine by David Noonan
Complete Warrior by Andy Collins, David Noonan, and Ed Stark
Draconomicon by Andy Collins, Skip Williams, and James Wyatt
Libris Mortis by Andy Collins and Bruce R. Cordell
Magic of Faerûn by Sean K Reynolds, Duane Maxwell, and Angel Leigh McCoy
Manual of the Planes by Andy Collins, Bruce R. Cordell, and David Noonan
Miniatures Handbook by Michael Donais, Skaff Elias, Rob Heinsoo, and Jonathan Tweet
Planar Handbook by Bruce R. Cordell and Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel
Player’s Guide to Faerûn by Richard Baker, Travis Stout, and James Wyatt
Savage Species by David Eckelberry, Rich Redman, and Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
Underdark by Bruce R. Cordell, Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel, and Jeff Quick

Articles published on www.wizards.com/dnd

“Barb of the Mind” by Sean K Reynolds
“The Codicil of White” by Sean K Reynolds
“Earthmother’s Weapons” by Sean K Reynolds
“Foundations of Stone” by James Jacobs
“Lesser Testament of Vraer” by Sean K Reynolds
“The Lost Coast” by James Jacobs
“Magic of Delight and Despair I” by Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel
“Master Tactician” by Sean K Reynolds
“Obsul Ssussun” by Sean K Reynolds
“Sand and Sun” by James Jacobs
“Snow and Ice” by James Jacobs
“Spellbook Archive” by Ramon Arjona, Richard Baker, Andy Collins, Robert Holzmeier, and James Wyatt
“Spells of the Deep Underdark” by James Jacobs
“Spells of the Ruins” by James Jacobs
“Tar’Ael Veluuthra” by Sean K Reynolds
“Toxic Paradise” by James Jacobs

Articles published in Dragon Magazine

“Rays of Light” by Stephen Schubert, Annual #5
“Alister’s Augmentations” by Owen K.C. Stephens, #275
“Abuse Your Illusions” by Rich Redman, #291
“Rune-Skulls of the Abbor-Alz” by James Jacobs, #292
“Blessings of War” by Amber E. Scott, #299
“A Clutch of Cantrips” by Kieran Turley and S. Deniz Bucak, #302
“Prayers of the Frostmaiden: The Spells of Auril” by Thomas M. Costa, #312
“Elder Serpents of Set” by Thomas M. Costa, #313
“Brotherhood of the Burning Heart” by Clifford Horowitz,#314
“Dust to Dust” by Ari Marmell, #314
“Guardians of the Deepest Seas” by James Jacobs, #314
“Masters of the Four Winds” by David Noonan, #314
“The Bloody Swords” by Sean K Reynolds, #315
“Sin Eaters of Eilistraee” by James Jacobs, #315
“Holy Strategists of the Red Knight” by Travis Stout, #317
“Children of Ka” by Ken Marable, #318
“Under Command: Forms of Legend” by Jesse Decker, #320
“Patterns of Shadow and Light” by Jason Nelson, #322
“Force Spells” by C. Wesley Clough, #323
“Seven Deadly Domains” by Hal Maclean, #323
“The Hidden Book” by Rich Burlew, #324
“Myths of the Shadow” by Rahul Kanakia, #325
“Tvash-Prull’s Symphony” by James Jacobs, #328

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