Sovereign Towers

District Type: Temple district
Buildings: Temples (10: each of the Sovereign Host and the Silver Flame), shrines (Aureon, Dol Arrah, Onatar, The Traveler, The Undying Court), upscale lodging (5), average lodging (15), upscale food (15), average food (30), exotic trades (20), upscale trades (20), average trades (40), upscale services (40), average services (100), upscale residences (20), average residences (80)
First Impression: This district regales all things holy, or at least their representation in art and architecture. Statues, paintings, and mosaics of deities and saints are everywhere, and great temples stand out among the lesser buildings.
Social Class: Middle class
The Central Plateau’s temple district houses some of Sharn’s greatest monuments of faith. Unfortunately, too often these monuments seem cold as the faith that inspired them evaporated long ago, replaced by ritual or even a deep corruption.

Pavilion of the Host: The largest temple complex devoted to the Sovereign Host in Sharn, the Pavilion of the Host consists of a grand open tower ringed by temples dedicated to each of the nine deities in the pantheon. In the central pavilion, sacrifices offered in major festivals and on important holy days honor the pantheon as a whole. The ranking priest in Sharn, High Priest Phthaso Mogan (NG dwarf male cleric 10), leads most of these rituals and sacrifices. Homes for the many clergy working here occupy several tower levels below the Pavilion.
Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame: Sharn’s most important temple to the Silver Flame, named in honor of the church’s role in cleansing Khorvaire of the stain of evil, ironically may also be its most corrupt holy institution. The Archierophant of the region, Ythana Morr (LE female human cleric 11), helps foster this corruption, while many of the clergy and other staff simply covet privilege, power, and material wealth. The Archierophant, however, actively cooperates with the rakshasa Zathara, who lives in the Central Cogs district of Khybers Gate.

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