Special Abilities

Class Abilities

Ability Effect Class
A Thousand Faces Uses alter self at will to change appearance Druid 13
Abundant Step Slip between spaces like Dimension Door Monk 12
Animal Companion Gives a loyal animal companion to accompany you in your travels Druid 1, Ranger 4
Bardic Knowledge Allows lore checks Bard 1
Bardic Music Allows the performance of various types of songs to boost party abilities Bard 1
Damage Reduction (Ex) Gain Damage Reduction Barb 7
Diamond Body Immune to poisons Monk 11
Empty Body Can become ethereal for short time Monk 19
Evasion Avoid Damage from attacks requiring reflex saves Monk 2
Improved Evasion Automatically take half damage on failed reflex saves Monk 9
Fast Movement Movement speed in light armor increases 10 ft. Barb 1, Monk 3
Flurry of Blows Rapid attacks Monk 1
Indomitable Will (Ex) +4 to resist enchantments Barb 14
Greater Rage (Ex) Rage bonuses increase Barb 11
Illiteracy Cannot Read Barb 1
Ki Strike Unarmed strikes imbued with Ki Energy Monk 4
Mighty Rage (Ex) Rage bonuses increase further Barb 20
Nature Sense +2 Survival and Knowledge (Nature) Checks Druid 1
Perfect Self Becomes Magical Creature, gets damage reduction and treated as an outsider Monk 20
Purity of Body Immunity to disease Monk 5
Quivering Palm Can strike an opponent and then choose when to to make it die later Monk 15
Rage Increased Str, Con, Temp Hit points Barb 1
Rebuke Undead Bolster or Command Undead Creatures Cleric 1
Resist Nature’s Lure +4 to saves vs Fey Druid 4
Still Mind +2 Vs. Enchantments Monk 3
Slow Fall Use nearby wall to fall greater distances without dying Monk 4
Timeless Body No longer ages Druid 15, Monk 17
Tireless Rage (Ex) No longer fatigued after rage Barb 17
Tongue of the Sun and Moon Can talk to any creature Monk 17
Trackless Step No longer leave tracks Druid 3
Trap Sense (Ex) +1 Reflex +1 AC Vs. Traps; Increases with levels Barb 3
Turn Undead Turn or destroy Undead Creatures Cleric 1
Uncanny Dodge (Ex) Retains dex bonus to AC if caught flat-footed Barb 2
Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex) Can No longer be flanked Barb 5
Venom Immunity Immune to poisons Druid 9
Wholeness of Body Can heal own wounds Monk 7
Wild Empathy Adjust the attitudes of an animal like a diplomacy check Druid 1
Wild Shape Ability to change into different animals, even plant creatures or elementals. Druid 5
Woodland Stride Move at normal speed through difficult woodland terrain Druid 2

Monster Abilities

Ability Effect Monster
Black Cloud 2d6 damage, possible insanity Achaierai
Excellent Learner Can learn maximum of 8 tricks, and training time reduced Magebred Animal
Hold Breath Can hold breath twice as long as normal creatures before drowning Lizardfolk
Improved Grab Can attempt grapple when hitting with natural weapon. Many Creatures
Mucous Cloud Lose ability to breathe air for 3 hours Aboleth
Protective Aura Bonus to AC and Saving Throws vs. Protected Alignment Angel
Slime Force Aquatic dependancy on tentacle hit Aboleth
Spit Acid 30 ft. line of acid, 4d4 dmg, Reflex Half Ankheg
Tongues Can speak with any creature Angel

Adapted from 4th edition

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