Special Materials

In addition to magic items created with spells, some substances have innate special properties.

If you make a suit of armor or weapon out of more than one special material, you get the benefit of only the most prevalent material. However, you can build a double weapon with each head made of a different special material.

Each of the special materials described below has a definite game effect. Some creatures have damage reduction based on their creature type or core concept. Some are resistant to all but a special type of damage, such as that dealt by evil-aligned weapons or bludgeoning weapons. Others are vulnerable to weapons of a particular material. Characters may choose to carry several different types of weapons, depending upon the campaign and types of creatures they most commonly encounter.

Name Source Type ~ Note
Adamantine DMG Any Metal Bypasses most Hardness and DR
Alchemical Silver DMG Metal Wpn Effective Vs. Lycanthropes, Vampires…, -1 Damage
Cold Iron DMG Metal Wpn Effective Vs. Fey, Cost more to enchant
Mundane Crystal DMG Any Metal No Special Effect
Darkwood DMG Any Wood Lighter than normal wood, lower Armor Check Penalty
Dragonhide DMG Armor Minor Elemental Resistance
Mithral DMG Any Metal Lighter than normal Metal

Eberron Specific


Name Source Cost Result
Darkweave ECS ? +1 Hide in dark conditions
Glamerweave ECS ? +1 Diplomacy
Chameleoweave MoE +100gp +1 Disguise
Dolweave MoE +150gp +1 Intimidate


Name Source Type Effect
Bronzewood ECS Metal or wood See Description
Byeshk ECS Metal +1 Damage with bludgeoning
Calomel MoE Metal Found in Argonessan
Densewood ECS Any Wood Harder wood
Deep Crystal SoS Metal Weapon Channel Psionic Power Points for extra damage
Eldritch Whorlwood ExH Wooden Charged Magical Items Straightens as it runs out of charges
Flametouched Iron ECS Any Metal Holy Metal
Livewood ECS Any Wood Wood stays alive after being cut
Purple Mournlode MoE Metal Has various effects on Undead
Riedran Crysteel ECS Any Metal Weapon Psionic Characters deal extra damage
Sentira SoS Metal Armor Similar to Mithral
Soarwood ECS Any Wood Much lighter wood
Targath ECS Any Metal +2 fort vs disease

Other Sources

These are materials not specifically included in the Eberron Campaign Setting, but may be used wherever it is felt to be appropriate.

Name Source Type Effect
Aurorum Book Of Exalted Deeds Metal Automatically repairs when sundered
Blue Ice Frostburn Any Metal +1 Damage, Common in Mror Holds
Deep Crystal Expanded Psionics Handbook Metal Wpn Stores Psionic Power Points
Frystalline Book of Exalted Deeds Metal Wpn Good Aligned Metal
Glassteel FRCS Any Metal Superhard Glass, Lighter than metal
Moonblood Book of Exalted Deeds Facepaint +2 AC to wearer
Pandemonic Silver Complete Warrior Metal Weapons Counts as silver, emits a scream which makes enemies cower and gets more powerful with high strength winds.
Rimefire Ice Frostburn Weapons with Metal Deals cold damage to anyone too close and sheds light
Runebronze Unknown Metal Wpn Count as magic to overcome DR, -1 Damage
Serren Book of Exalted Deeds Wooden Ammunition Gives ammunition Ghost Touch quality
Solarian Truesteel Book of Exalted Deeds Metal Weapons Gives weapon +1 to confirmation rolls for critical hits
Stygian Ice Frostburn Metal Weapons Deals cold damage to creatures who get too close and possibly drain wisdom and constitution.
Susalian Chainweave Complete Warrior Metal Armor DR 3/Piercing
Thinaun Complete Warrior Metal Weapons Sucks up the soul of creatures it kills, unable to raise from dead
Ysgardian Heartwire Book of Exalted Deeds Metal Armor Gives weapon +2 to confirmation rolls for critical hits
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