Stormhold (Sharn - Average Residential)

District Type: Average residential
Buildings: Upscale residences (40), average residences (280), poor residences (40)
First Impression: The houses of this district are extremely solid, and almost seem more like miniature fortresses than residences. The people tend to be serious and suspicious. Children are kept off the streets, and strangers are watched closely.
Social Class: Middle class
Location: Sharn, Middle Dura

Clifftop solicitors, overseers from the workhouses in Redstone and the Bazaar, and other successful crafters and merchants have made their homes in Stormhold. A number of manors built by the aristocratic founding families of Sharn in the first days of the city can be found in this district, but most of the powerful families have moved on to Central Plateau or Skyway in recent centuries. A handful of the Sixty great families still live in this district, however. The townhouses of Stormhold are generally cramped and uncomfortable, but the walls are thick and the doors stout. Stormholders take security extremely seriously, and the powerful families hire House Deneith mercenaries to supplement the Watch patrols.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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