Airtight (Stronghold Augmentation)

Airtight: Assuming it can hold air and be sealed, the stronghold space becomes airtight. This means that it is impervious to gasses that originated outside of the space. In addition, it prevents water from getting into the room except through an open window or door (although this renders the space no longer airtight). This does not protect against the pressure of submerging underwater (see the submersible mobility function, below).
This augmentation is usually necessary for strongholds that sail beneath the surface of water or beyond the limits of the atmosphere. In that case, you need only apply this augmentation to any stronghold spaces that make up the stronghold’s exterior (though it may be wise to apply it to all spaces in case of a breach).
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, water walk;Market Price: 7,500 gp.

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