Basic Library

Library, Basic

Size: 1 ss
Cost: 500 gp
Prerequisites: None
Plain wooden shelves of books fill this room, arranged in any manner you desire. One or two small tables allow people to read the books, and a single lectern allows you to read a book while standing. This library can hold up to two different lots of books on specific subjects. For example, it could contain books on religion and arcana. The Books sidebar below has prices and information for book lots. If you need a greater capacity, purchase this component multiple times.


The library component isn’t very useful unless books line the shelves. In general, a book lot costs 1,000 gp and provides a +2 circumstance bonus on a specific Knowledge check, such as Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (religion). Alternatively, you can purchase a book lot of general topics, which costs 3,000 gp and provides a +1 circumstance bonus on all Knowledge checks. Circumstance bonuses from multiple book lots do not stack.
To make your libraries more interesting, the DM can allow extended or master book lots that take up more than one lot in a library. Comprehensive book lots cost 5,000 gp, occupy 3 book lots, and offer a +4 circumstance bonus on the appropriate Knowledge checks. Master book lots cost 20,000 gp, occupy 6 book lots, and offer a +6 circumstance bonus.
For example, while a luxury library can hold up to six basic book lots on six different subjects, it could instead hold comprehensive book libraries for two subjects, or a master book library for one subject. You can only purchase comprehensive or master book lots for specific Knowledge skill categories (and not for general topics).

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