Fancy Magic Laboratory

Magic Laboratory, Fancy

Size: 1 ss
Cost: 3,000 gp
Prerequisites: One apprentice
Similar but superior to the basic magic laboratory, this room has every tool the aspiring meddler in magic might need at his ready disposal. The walls of this place are covered with blackboards upon which all sorts of arcane or obscure notes can be scrawled. The rough tile floor allows easy cleaning while also preventing slips and falls. Four basins are in the place, each of which has a barrel of water suspended over it, complete with a tap to permit easy access. An emergency barrel mounted on a hinged platform can be tilted to pour water over a person in case of an emergency.
A single spellcaster using this laboratory and having its resources all to himself receives a +4 circumstance bonus on Spellcraft checks made to determine whether a new spell is viable (including assistance from the apprentice spellcaster). Alternatively, up to four spellcasters can share this space at the same time and gain a +2 circumstance bonus on such checks.
An apprentice spellcaster (Clr1, Drd1, Sor1, or Wiz1; Spellcraft +5) is on hand to assist others.

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