Luxury Bath

Bath, Luxury

Size: 2 ss
Cost: 10,000 gp
Prerequisites: One servant and one valet
The ultimate in bathing luxury, this room features a tub large enough for two or three people to bathe in, plus a large fireplace for heating both the room and the
water necessary for a warm bath. Two chamber pots with padded and upholstered leather chairs are here. Servants empty these on a regular basis.
An intricately carved cabinet holds a variety of thick towels, and a handsome wardrobe full of fine dressing gowns stands nearby. A gilt-framed, three-fold, fulllength mirror takes up one corner, and another mirror sits above a gorgeous, polished grooming desk. The screen in this bathroom features intricately carved woods and the finest silks. Fine stuffed chairs are scattered about the place.
The dressing table features three gilt-framed mirrors and the finest in grooming products, including aromatic perfumes, gilt-handled brushes, and so on.
The walls are adorned with fine art, often of people bathing in large bath houses, in a river or lake, or at a beach.
A servant keeps the luxury bath clean, and a valet assists the bathers.

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