Luxury Bedrooms

Bedrooms, Luxury

Size: 2 ss
Cost: 20,000 gp
Prerequisites: One valet
This area contains two smaller bedrooms with a connecting door. No expenses were spared in building or furnishing this space. Each room features a marbletopped bureau and a gorgeous wardrobe. The fourposter bed is made of the finest wood hung with the wispiest of linens, and the mattress and the blankets are stuffed with feathers. The sheets are silk.
A stuffed chair sits in one corner. In another, a finely and fully stocked writing desk waits to be used. The walls are adorned with fine art, often of people in positions of repose. Sometimes they feature dreamy scenes filled with pleasant nymphs or other fantastic or heavenly scenes. This component includes a privy, though it need not be attached or adjacent to the bedroom component itself.
The luxuriousness of the room requires a single valet, who can be called with any of the bells positioned around the rooms.

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