Luxury Courtyard

Courtyard, Luxury

Size: 1 ss
Cost: 30,000 gp
Prerequisites: One servant
This well-appointed courtyard is paved entirely with smoothly cut flagstones. A massive fountain forms the centerpiece, in which water pours endlessly from a
masterfully carved statue dedicated to the higher power of the builder’s choice. Statuary is placed tastefully throughout the area, and cushioned benches (usually of iron or fine wood trimmed with gold) are scattered about the place.
At the builder’s option, such a courtyard can be roofed, although this should be at least 20 feet above the floor. The roof can be made of reinforced glass, wood, or whatever. Anyway, portions of the roof can be screwed open to let in fresh air and sunshine, or closed to keep out inclement weather.
Purchase this component multiple times if you want a larger courtyard.
A servant handles gardening and other upkeep.

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