Luxury Dining Hall

Dining Hall, Luxury

Size: 2 ss
Cost: 50,000 gp
Prerequisites: Luxury Kitchen, two servants
This well-appointed room is dedicated specifically for hosting large meals. In some cases, it features a long, polished wooden or marble-topped table stretching from one end of the place to another. An exquisitely carved chair at the head of the table traditionally faces the main entrance to the room, allowing the head of the household full view of the room.
Alternatively, you can furnish the hall with several smaller tables, either round or square, all of comparable quality to a larger one. The tables are covered with the finest linens, and the guests use the most treasured silverware to eat off the rarest china. Fine artwork lines the walls, and a beautiful chandelier provides plenty of light. Busts of prominent heroes throughout history sit near the serving tables that line the walls. The marble or parquet flooring provides additional beauty.
This seats 16 people at a long table or 30 if smaller tables are used. Purchase this component multiple times if you want a larger hall.
Two servants bring food and remove empty dishes.

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