Luxury Shop

Shop, Luxury

Size: 1 ss
Cost: 16,000 gp
Prerequisites: Two clerks, two guards per shift
This marble-floored shop speaks of wealth, both from your side of the counter and that of your customers. A large display window shows off special items, and inside, custom-built locked cases display your wares. Customers can sip from fine wines you offer them while shopping, or rest in stuffed leather chairs when they tire. You sell only the finest merchandise here, and your prices are as high as your stellar quality.
The shop requires a staff of four to operate, including two clerks and two full-time guards. The clerks wait on customers hand and foot—customer satisfaction remains their only reason for getting up in the morning.
Though the shop includes some storage, you may choose to abut this space with a larger storage area. Alternatively, you can combine this component with a storage component to create a bank or moneychangers. Usually, these storage spaces are secured with fortified walls, locks, traps, or wondrous architecture.

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