Luxury Tavern

Tavern, Luxury

Size: 1 ss
Cost: 20,000 gp
Prerequisites: Four servants
This breathtaking library of libations features the finest drinks of all sorts, and it even offers gourmet meals by way of the stronghold’s kitchen—or one of its own if you care to attach it. It has a marble-topped bar, upholstered chairs, and tables covered with the finest linens and the best place settings. Gorgeous decorations festoon the walls, including art from the bestknown painters in the land. Three servants (Com1; Profession [bartender] +5) run the bar and serve meals.
The cost of this component does not include any food or drink. See Food, Drink, and Lodging in Chapter 7 of the Player’s Handbook for prices.
The tavern can seat up to 20 people. If you need a greater capacity, you can purchase this component multiple times.

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