Luxury Throne Room

Throne Room, Luxury

Size: 2 ss
Cost: 80,000 gp
Prerequisites: Six servants
Affordable only to the most puissant of emperors, queens, and absolute monarchs, this, the finest of assembly rooms, displays the ruler’s wealth, power, and dispensation for the sweet comforts in life. This chamber spares no expense in impressing the visitor, whether visiting ambassador, merchant with goods for sale, or the simplest commoner. The walls display a splash of colors that depict complementary themes of blue skies, splashing white-tipped and wave-filled oceans, white birds awing, and fish jumping into the air. Sparkling gems and precious metals adorn the enormous throne. Raised up on a dozen pink marble steps, the throne and its occupant gaze out on the chamber like an omnipotent ruler.
When using this area for negotiations and discussions, the lord of this chamber receives a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks.
This room holds up to thirty guests in addition to the throne’s occupant. Purchase this space multiple times for a larger area.

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