Rogue Training Area

Training Area, Rogue

Size: 1 ss
Cost: 2,000 gp
Prerequisites: None
This area allows rogues to practice their skills of theft and breaking and entering. Padded dummies lined with powder, bells, or blades hang from the ceiling or on ropes and pulleys, allowing rogues to practice picking pockets and balancing in unusual positions. Dozens of locks of various quality levels are forged into the wall; some may spring needle or gas traps—harmless except to the ego. Walls of various difficulty allow climbing practice as well.
If you use the rules for training upon advancement in Chapter 2 of the DUNGEON MASTER’s Guide, this chamber can take the place of a professional trainer (though the time to train is doubled without a trainer, and you can only learn and advance skills here, not learn new feats). With a trainer, training times here are half of normal.

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