Summon Undead

1st Level: Human warrior skeleton (MM 226), kobold zombie (MM 266)
2nd Level: Owlbear skeleton (MM 226), bugbear zombie (MM 267).
3rd Level: Ghoul (MM 118), troll skeleton (MM 227), ogre zombie (MM 267).
4th Level: Allip (MM 10), ghast (MM 119), wyvern zombie (MM 267).
5th Level: Mummy (MM 190), shadow (MM 221), vampire spawn (MM 253), wight (MM 255).

Different types of undead could potentially be raised; if the Wizard takes the adequate amount of time to research it and modify the spell accordingly. First a wizard must make a successful spellcraft check (DC 20+ Level of the spell), to understand the spell fully, then a Knowledge (Religion) check (DC 20+ HD of Creature), to identify the creature desired to be summoned. The CR of the creature can not exceed the highest CR of the creatures already being summoned by the spell. Once the spell has been broken down, and the creature properly identified, the Wizard may begin adding to the spell. The process takes two 8 hour days of work for each spell level involved, at which point the finished spell will now include a new option.
Note: The wizard must be familiar with the creature in question personally, either having previously destroyed it in combat and studied it's remains, or having animated it by another means.

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