Supercharged Air Bomb

This appears as a miniscule marble sized ball of dark storm clouds swirling around a tiny fleck of red Eberron Dragonshard, with flashes of lightning occasionally illuminating the tiny ball. These build upon the original Cannith Invention, the Air Bomb, and utilize a little bit of House Lyrandar's dragonmarked abilities. Certain high ranking Lyrandar officers and pilots carry these as last ditch means oif self defense, using them to push boarders off of ships or simply to gain some distance when trying to escape pursuit.

This marble is designed to be thrown, or used as a sling bullet. If thrown it has a range increment of 20 feet. When the marble strikes the ground it explodes violently outwards in a 25 foot radius. This has three seperate effects;

1) Everyone in the area of the blast is subject to a Bull Rush attempt, having to beat a DC 20 to avoid being pushed backed 5 feet. If pushed into a wall, the target takes 1d6 non-lethal damage for every 5 feet of movement it had left. This is particularly dangerous in Sharn or on airships, where creatures could potentially be pushed off and plummet to their death.
2) A loud Thunderclap bursts, deafening every creature within the explosion for one minute. Fortitude save DC 18 to avoid.
3) A burst of lightning deals 2d6 to every creature within the radius of the explosion.

Special: When used by a character with the Mark of Storm, this item increases in power. The Bull Rush DC becomes 23, the Thunderclap DC is 20 and the lightning burst deals an additional 1d6 electric damage.

Cost: 750 gp
Moderate Evocation; CL 5th; Create Wondrous Item; Scatterspray, Chain Lightning, Great Thunderclap

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