Susalian Chainweave

Made by a technique known only to the greatest elven armorsmiths, susalian chainweave is an elaborate system of chainmail links knitted together to provide additional protection against some blows. When an attack with a slashing or bludgeoning weapon hits a character wearing susalian chainweave, the armor stiffens at the point of contact and disperses the force of the attack. This quality gives the wearer damage reduction 3/piercing as long as the susalian chainweave armor is worn.

Type of Susalian Chainweave Item Item Cost Modifier
Light armor +28,000 gp
Medium armor +35,000 gp
Heavy armor +42,000 gp

Eberron Adaptation

No real modification is necessary, Elves have been around forever and devised this method of armorsmithing long ago.

Source: Complete Warrior

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