Tag Mactavish

Tag MacTavish, Son of Brutus MacTavish
A 16 year old Ork.

Quotes: "Tag! You're it!"
Race: Ork

Body Agility Reaction Strength Charisma Intuition Logic Willpower Edge Magic
6 5 3 5 1 4 2 3 1 3

Essence: 5.4
Initiative: 7
Initiative Passes: 1
Physical Damage Track: 11
Stun Damage Track: 10
Armor Ballistic/Impact: 6/4 Lined Coat + 6 (Physical) or +3 (Stun) {+1 To resist damage, Toughness}
(To resist a shotgun blast, physical damage which hits the coat, Tag gets 13 dice in his pool)
Languages: English N, Or'Zet 2
Perception: 7 visual (10 with contacts), 7 audio (Spatial recognizer and Select Sound Filter)
Lifestyle: Low 2 months paid up.
Karma: 0
Nuyen 4d6 + 15 x 50Y =


Active Skill Final Modifier Ranks Ability
Close Combat Skill Group 1
Blades 6 1 Agility 5
Clubs 6 1 Agility 5
Unarmed Combat 6 1 Agility 5
Firearms Skill Group 2
Automatics 7 2 Agility 5
Longarms 7 2 Agility 5
Pistols 9 (+2 Semi-Auto) 4 Agility 5
Heavy Weapons 6 1 Agility 5
Throwing Weapons 6 1 Agility 5
Dodge 5 2 Reaction 3
Demolitions 3 1 Logic 2
Armorer 4 2 Logic 2
Intimidate 4 2 Charisma 2
Negotiation 4 2 Charisma 2
Perception 6 (+10) 2 Intuition 4
Knowledge Skills (18 BP Free)
Active Skill Final Modifier Ranks Ability
Denver Street Gangs 6 2 Intuition 4
Ares Macrotechnology 6 2 Intuition 4
Security Companies 3 1 Logic 2
Military 3 1 Logic 2
Security Procedures 3 1 Logic 2
Security Design 3 1 Logic 2
Or'Zet 2
Qualities Effect
Adept Gain Magic Attribute and 2 power points of spells
Ambidextrous No penalty for using an off-hand weapon
Human Looking Passes for human in most scenarios
Toughness +1 dice pool mod to body to resist damage
Bad Luck Whenever trying to use edge, roll a d6, on roll of 1 it goes very badly
Sensitive System Double essence cost for Cyberware
Melee Weapons Damage Armor Penetration Notes
Survival Knife 5 (Str/2+1)P -1 Retractable GPS monitor, micro-lighter, and a compartment in the handle that will hold one small item. The flat sides of the blade are covered with a non-toxic chemical that can be activated to provide 2 hours of phosphorescent light.
Extendable Baton 5 (Str/2+1)P (-) Easier to conceal, (-2)
Throwing Knifex10 5 (str/2+1)P (-) Can ready 3 (Agility/2) throwing knives per Ready Weapon action
Colt America L36 4P (-) SA, RC (-), Ammo 11(c);Under mounted Laser Sight (+1 to hit), Detachable Thermographic Scope, Hidden Arm Slide
Speed Loader+Spare Clips x 2 for the Colt, 5 spare clips kept loose, 2 clips of Gel Rounds
Ruger Super Warhawk 6P (-2) SS, RC (-), 6 (cy); (For when he absolutely needs to demolish someone), Under mounted Laser sight,
Lined Coat (Fire resistance 2, Insulation 2); 6(Ballistic)/4(Impact), +2 vs Fire/Cold
Commlink (CMT Clip): Response 1, Signal 3
Sim Module (Legal)
Flare Compensation Glasses, Contact Lenses (Vison Enhancement 3) (Adds +3 to Perception), Micro Video Camera (Vision magnification)
Implanted Datajack: .1 Essence; Cyberears: (Ear Recording Unit, Sound Link, Spatial recognizer, Select Sound Filter 2) .2 Essence; Fibreoptic Hair:
Low Lifestyle (Lives in an apartment above the bar): 2000Y/Month

Connection 3, Loyalty 1 (Regular);

Adept Powers: 3 Power Points from Magic
Agility Boost 2: To gain the boost, make a Magic (3)+ (Attribute Boost {2}) Test. Each hit on this test boosts the attribute by 1. The boost lasts for a number of Combat Turns equal to the twice the number of hits generated. No attribute may be boosted past its maximum augmented value.
Attribute Boost requires a Simple Action to activate. When the boost runs out, you must resist Drain equal to the Attribute Boost rating using Willpower + Body (9); each hit reduces the Drain Value by one. Attribute Boost Drain is Stun damage.
Enhanced Perception 1: +1 to perception checks
Improved Reflexes 1: 1 Extra Initiative Pass and +1 reaction
Combat Sense 1:+ 1 die for Reaction on Surprise Tests and when defending against ranged and melee attacks.
Improved Scent: Can identify scents in the same way as a bloodhound. Tag can identify individuals by scent alone, and can tell if someone whose scent you know has been in an area recently with a successful Perception Test. The strong smells of most sprawls impose modifiers on the use of this sense.

When using the Colt Tag gets a 12 base dice pool to attack, it then deals 4 physical damage on hit, plus any net hits extra damage.
His Ruger has a 10 to attack but deals 6 physical damage, and reduces enemy armor by 2. Obviously used for slow heavy targets, isn't taken out often, or visibly.
Combat Options
Defending Melee: Block (Unarmed Combat +Reaction)

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