Targath is a soft metal mined on the northern coast of Argonnessen. Often fashioned into periapts of health, targath naturally possesses some of the qualities of those magic items: Even a small amount of targath worn or carried on the body grants a character a +2 resistance bonus on Fortitude saves against disease. Targath is, for reasons that are not clear, anathema to the deathless of Aerenal: They shrink from its touch, and a weapon fashioned from targath can overcome their damage reduction. Perhaps fortunately for the Undying Court, weapons made of targath are inferior to steel weapons, imposing a –1 penalty on attack rolls and damage rolls.
Targath has hardness 9 and 20 hit points per inch of thickness.

Type of Targath Item Price Adjustment
Ammunition +3 gp
Light Weapon +30 gp
One handed Weapon, or one head of a Two Handed Weapon +100 gp
Two Handed Weapon, or both heads of a Two Handed Weapon +200 gp

Source: Eberron Campaign Setting

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