Tavick's Market

Tavick’s Market

District Type: Marketplace
Buildings: Open-air market, temple (Kol Korran), average lodging (9), average food (45), exotic trades (15), upscale trades (50), average trades (140), poor trades (40), upscale services (20), average services (60), poor services (20)
First Impression: Traders and travelers fill the open market, offering foods, crafts, and spirits from across Khorvaire. The crowd is loud and bustling, but the City Watch helps to maintain order and discipline.
Social Class: Middle class
Terminus lies just below Tavick’s Market, and goods from across Khorvaire come in on lightning rail and are shipped directly up to the open market. This district is an excellent place to find clothes, crafts, and goods from the Five Nations and the younger kingdoms. Farmers from the surrounding countryside typically prefer to sell their goods in Tavick’s Market, as the Bazaar of Dura is dangerous and North Market is expensive. Most farmers come to market on Far and Sar each week, and these are excellent times to purchase produce and livestock. A market permit costs 1 sp, and the Sharn Watch makes certain that merchants have their permits.
While the open market is the primary attraction in Tavick’s Market, there are many permanent crafters, restaurants, and taverns scattered throughout the district. Most of this is average fare, but there are a few diamonds in the rough.

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