Your team knows where to look and what to listen for to anticipate ambushes.
Training: To train for this benefit, you and your teammates must run through scenarios in which half of you set up ambushes to snare the others. Through constant drilling, your team learns to listen for specific sounds and look for random visual clues. By regularly exploring dangerous locales, developing listening skills, and staying alert for the slightest movements, your team gradually develops a routine for examining an area to prevent enemies from getting the drop on the group.

Task Leader Prerequisite: Listen 12 ranks and Spot 12 ranks.

Team Member Prerequisite: Listen 2 ranks or Spot 2 ranks.

Benefit: Every member of the team gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Listen and Spot checks if any other team member is within 30 feet.

Tips: When moving into an area with poor lighting, or one that offers plenty of places for opponents to hide, it’s best to spread out to the outer extent of this benefit’s range. By doing so, your group presents a less attractive target to a hidden spellcaster. For example, if each character is exactly 30 feet (6 squares) away from the task leader, not everyone could be caught in a fireball or similar effect.

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