Camp Routine

The regular routine your group has established allows you to set up, watch, and break down camp quickly and efficiently.

Training: To develop a camp routine, the team must establish a regular schedule of tasks and responsibilities for each member. For example, one character might set up the tents while another starts the fire and a third prepares the evening meal. Your team must also set up a routine watch schedule so that everyone knows who goes on watch when, and for how long.

Task Leader Prerequisite: Survival 8 ranks or Self-Sufficient.

Team Member Prerequisite: Survival 1 rank.

Benefit: Your team can set up and break camp with an eye toward defensibility and efficiency. The team member on watch gains a +2 bonus on Spot and Listen checks, and each sleeping team member gains a +4 bonus on Listen checks to hear any sounds within 30 feet.

Tips: Be sure to put spellcasters on the first watch or last watch so that they can get enough uninterrupted rest to regain their spells. Your first priority when the party is attacked while you are on watch is to wake up your allies, so you should carry a signal whistle, bell, or similar item.

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