Cunning Ambush


Your team can quickly take advantage of terrain to ambush opponents.
Training: The training for this benefit involves studying common environments, running through ambush scenarios, and devising strategies that take advantage of the terrain. Your team must spend a few days in the hills, then in the forest, and then—if possible—in the shifting sands of the desert.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Hide 8 ranks and Listen 8 ranks.
Team Member Prerequisite: Hide 1 rank.
Benefit: If the team members allow the task leader to their hiding positions, he can make a special Hide check to camouflage them. This check is modified by each team member’s armor check penalty and Dexterity rather than the task leader’s, and the camouflage effect lasts until the team member moves. Hiding a team member in this manner requires 10 minutes of work.
Tips: The ambush teamwork benefit is a great way to play smart. Instead of always going after the monsters on their own turf, let them come to you. Try luring monsters into your trap with spells such as dancing lights or major image. Failing that, buff up the party scout with defensive spells to protect her while she acts as bait.

Is a Pre-Requisite For: Improved Cunning Ambush

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