Expert Mountaineers


Your team can work together to ascend difficult slopes and sheer surfaces with relative ease.
Training: Constant training with expert climbers has made your team comfortable with ascents and descents.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Climb 8 ranks and Use Rope 8 ranks.
Team Member Prerequisite: Climb 1 rank or Use Rope 1 rank.
Benefit: If a team member succeeds on a Climb check, every other team member adjacent to him gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Climb checks made to ascend the same surface.
Furthermore, each team member can make an accelerated climb with only a –2 penalty on the Climb check. Finally, a team member can catch a falling comrade by succeeding on a Climb check against the wall’s DC (not against the wall’s DC + 10).
Tips: Using the appropriate climbing equipment makes Climb checks easier. So, to ensure success, invest in pitons to make your own handholds and footholds.

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