Foe Hunting


Your team is especially good at tracking down and destroying specific types of creatures.
Training: The training for this benefit begins with intensive research on the specific creature type to be hunted. You and your teammates must drill on the various features and traits of the chosen creature until you learn its every idiosyncrasy. Finally, the team must stage mock combats so that each of you can learn to take advantage of the target creature’s weaknesses.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Favored enemy (any one) +4.
Team Member Prerequisite: Survival 1 rank and base attack bonus +4.
Benefit: Each team member who assumes a flanking position with the task leader against his favored enemy gains a +2 bonus on damage rolls against that creature.
Tips: To make optimum use of this benefit, the task leader should wear light armor or use spells that improve his speed.

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