Group Trance


You and your teammates reduce your susceptibility to sleep by learning the ways of the elves.
Training: Your team members learn the secrets of elf trance and can slip into a trance state by establishing a physical link with the task leader. This trance state allows each member to gain the benefit of sleep by cleansing her mind and entering a deep meditative state.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Elf blood (elf or half-elf).
Team Member Prerequisite: Concentration 1 rank.
Benefit: When team members join hands, the task leader can create a trance link that allows each of them, regardless of race, to meditate in the same manner as elves do. Every team member gains the benefit of 8 hours of sleep after just 4 hours of meditation.
Tips: Let all the spellcasters in the group rest while the warriors stay on guard. If the group’s elf trances with half the team at a time, your party can get by with two well-manned guard watches per night rather than several shorter shifts.

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