Improved Cunning Ambush


When you are adequately prepared, your team can set a devastating ambush.
Training: Same as for cunning ambush.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Hide 12 ranks and Listen 12 ranks.
Team Member Prerequisite: Hide 3 ranks and the cunning ambush teamwork benefit.
Benefit: During the surprise round, each team member who is not surprised and has been camouflaged (see Cunning Ambush) can take a full round’s worth of actions.
Tips: As with cunning ambush, this benefit is best used to draw enemies into your trap. To maximize the benefit, try setting up ambushes in favorable terrain, such as forest (which grants a +2 bonus to AC and a +1 bonus on Reflex saves to any character standing in a space occupied by a tree) or a position of higher ground (which grants a +1 bonus on melee attacks). Alternatively, making ranged attacks from the other side of an area that features uncertain footing might discourage enemies from charging you.

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