Indirect Fire


Your team has a forward observer called a spotter, who locates enemies and reveals their positions.
Training: You and your teammates practice aiming at unseen targets using directions from allies. Eventually, you learn to fire accurately at targets that have cover based on the body language and gestures of the spotter.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Precise Shot and base attack bonus +6.
Team Member Prerequisite: Spot 3 ranks.
Benefit: This benefit denies opponents some of the protection normally granted by cover or concealment. If the spotter has an unobstructed line of sight to the covered or concealed target, she can, as a move action, use hand gestures, spoken directions, and body language to alert allies wielding ranged weapons to the target’s position. If the target has cover, it gains only half the normal cover bonus to Armor Class against the team’s ranged attacks. If the target has concealment, the attacker rolls the miss chance twice to determine whether his attack hits. A spotter who can see invisible targets can use this ability to allow a reroll on the miss chance to strike an invisible creature.
Tips: Team members with darkvision make the best spotters, since they can use their special sight to locate creatures that are taking advantage of shadowy or dark conditions.

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