Missile Volley


Your team excels at firing as a group, unleashing a saturated wave of arrows and bolts. Each member places her shots so that the target cannot dodge them all.
Training: Your team practices by taking aim at a number of small targets clustered together (representing different spots on the body of a single enemy). Each of you can learn to place your shots so as to cover every part of a target with a single joint volley.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Far Shot and Precise Shot.
Team Member Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot.
Benefit: Every member of the team who readies an action to fire a missile weapon when the task leader does gains a bonus on the attack roll equal to the number of team members firing. The task leader also qualifies for the bonus, even though she did not ready an action. All these attacks must be made against the same target.
Tips: Since everyone except the task leader must ready an action to fire, the other team members lose their additional attacks. Thus, the team is trading a high number of attack rolls for a smaller number of attacks that are more likely to hit. This benefit works best when a single, skilled archer (the task leader) uses her teammates’ help to improve her accuracy.

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