Team Melee Tactics


Because your group fights as an effective team in melee, its members can use the aid another action with greater than normal efficiency.
Training: Your team studies each member’s tactics, fighting style, and tendencies. These hours of focused observation allow each member to understand how best to help the rest of the team.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Combat Expertise and Dodge.
Team Member Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: Whenever a team member uses the aid another action to grant another member a bonus on attack rolls, that bonus increases by 1.
Tips: The aid another action allows an ally to strike with superior accuracy at the expense of the aiding character’s own attacks. Thus, the ally who receives the assistance should be the best qualified team member to take down the foe—whether by virtue of damage reduction, high AC, or the ability to use Power Attack for extra damage.

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