Team Rush


Your team travels faster than normal as a group. The efforts and assistance of the faster characters allow the slower ones to keep up.
Training: Your team must march for a week as a group, traveling across roads, dells, forests, and mountain passes. By so doing, each team member learns how best to help everyone move together.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Survival 8 ranks and Endurance.
Team Member Prerequisite: Survival 1 rank.
Benefit: When the entire team is traveling overland on foot, each team member moves at the task leader’s speed. This benefit does not extend to combat and similar short-term movement situations, or to mounted characters.
Tips: A barbarian is the best task leader for this teamwork benefit. At the cost of a prerequisite feat, he allows his allies to travel much more quickly across the countryside. In campaigns that feature frequent wilderness or underground travel, the time saved might prove to be a major benefit.

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