Team Shield Maneuver


When your team fights as a group, its members can close ranks to protect a badly injured ally.
Training: Your group learns to react quickly when an ally falls. You drill in pushing aside a wounded team member before he tumbles to the ground and moving him out of harm’s way.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Shield Specialization
Team Member Prerequisite: Shield Proficiency.
Benefit: When a team member’s hit points drop to –1 or lower, any teammate adjacent to him who carries a shield can use an immediate action to push him out of harm’s way. The injured team member moves 10 feet before falling prone.
Tip: This tactic works best if one of the group’s secondline characters has a potion or wand ready to heal the fallen character. In this case, even a character who isn’t a member of the team can play a valuable role in making the most of this benefit.

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