Tempest Isle

A mighty storm rages above Tempest Isle’s central mountain. It spits lightning and shouts thunder, and its winds make the seas treacherous a mile away from the island’s shores. Some say that storm giants, refugees from Xen’drik’s ancient wars, live on the mountain and maintain the storm to keep their old foes at bay. Other rumors speak of a pirate wizard who arrived on the island with his captain and crew.
After the pirates hid their treasure on the mountain, they betrayed and murdered the wizard, adding his magical possessions to their hoard. The wizard returned as a ghost and slew them all, and now pirate ghosts wage eternal war in the sky. Still other tales say that a rakshasa rajah, one with great power over the weather, lies imprisoned within the mountain, and the storm is a sign of his imminent awakening.
Whatever the case, adventurers and pirates come to Tempest Isle to seek the truth. Most believe that gold, magic, or both wait in the mountain’s caves.
Visitors to Tempest Isle first experience rainfall and winds near the shore. A tribe of particularly large and brutal scrags (8 HD each) lairs there. These aquatic trolls seem more intelligent than others of their kind. They paint designs on their leather armor and prefer to ambush and confuse their prey rather than rush headlong into battle.

The nearby rocky Traglorn Isle is home to a large tribe of cliffwalk shifters who call themselves the Sun-Kin. They claim that their people once inhabited both Traglorn and Tempest Isle, but in years long forgotten one of their kind lost an ancestral artifact to a hobgoblin trickster. The storm set in after the artifact vanished, and the Sun-Kin fled to Traglorn. Since that time, brave warriors from the tribe have set out across Eberron to locate their lost relic, but none have been successful. Strangely, the Sun-Kin wear wooden decorations bearing sigils similar to those the Tempest Isle scrags paint on their armor.

Sons of Siberys

In one of Todd's visions he had a glimpse of the Lhazaar Principalities, a ruined giant ship, and a sleeping giant.
History of Tempest Isle A shipload of Xen'drik Giants, led by a powerful Storm Giant family, fled their homeland to escape the dragon wars. They excavated out massive living spaces in Tempest Isle, deep underground so that the Dragons could not attack them. During their excavations they found the ancient Fiendstone Strength Shard.

The storm artifact which once belonged to the shifters did exist, it was a safeguard against the storms caused by the mad giant trapped in the caverns below. With the artifact stolen by the Hobgoblin trickster there was nothing protecting the Isle from the powers unleashed during the Giant's nightmares.

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