District Type: Caravan district
Buildings: Temple (2) (Olladra, Silver Flame), average lodging (20), poor lodging (60), average food (38), poor food (120), average trades (40), poor trades (60), average services (40), poor services (60)
First Impression: This district is a buzzing hive ofactivity. Orien lightning rail coaches arrive and depart twice a day, and merchants and laborers are constantly loading and unloading crates of merchandise. Skycoaches and magic lifts are in constant motion, carrying travelers up to the higher towers.
Social Class: Lower class

Terminus is defined by Terminus Station, the massive House Orien enclave that serves as an endpoint for the Orien lightning rail coach line. As a result, most Brelish travelers come through Wroann’s Gate, while most to the travelers from other nations arrive at Terminus. It is a hotbed of activity, and despite the presence of the Sharn Watch and the Guardians of the Gate, pickpockets and other thieves operate freely.
After visitors pass inspection by the Guardians of the Gate, they are free to leave the district, either on foot or by taking one of the lifts or skycoaches to the higher wards. Terminus itself offers a host of inns, restaurants, taverns, and other basic services for the traveler who doesn’t want to enter greater Sharn, but none of these services are notable for quality or value.
House Sivis maintains a message station in Terminus, and there is a small Deneith outpost where visitors can arrange for bodyguards or laborers. There is a larger House Lyrandar enclave; primarily this is used for negotiations between Lyrandar and Orien, but this outpost also allows merchants to arrange to have the goods brought in by coach transported elsewhere by air or sea. House Vadalis operates a large stable and hostelry, allowing visitors to secure their mounts while wandering through the city.

Areas and People of Interest

Terminus Station - A massive House Orien Enclave that serves as an endpoint for the Orien Lightning Rail Coach Line.

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