The Adamantine Ooze

Not so much a weapon as a symbiotic relationship with another's weapon. It was created by a Weaponsmith who dabbled in magic who's wish was to create the perfect weapon. One that would not only be devastating but could think on it's own. He took a 4 pd piece of adamantine and through it into an alchemy pot with unknown ingredients. What arose from the pot was a moving, thinking, living ooze. It killed it's creator, not because it was evil but because he was tested. The ooze choses a suitable vessel then fights it to prove it's worth. Should the vessel be succesful and earn the respect of the ooze, it molds with the weapon adding to whatever is already it's strengths. The last sighting of the ooze was deep in the Razoin Peaks. It killed a very promising Knight's apprentice.

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