The Amber Eye

This nefarious organisation operates out of Castellan in the Lower Dura district of Sharn. This organisation uses several brothels as a front for their dealings, most of the girls in these brothels are there against their will, at least initially, some get a taste for the power – it means a lot to be one of Zh’angor’s girls. These brothels are also the primary source of income for the organization.

The main establishment that the proceedings take place in is known as “The Gaze”, a bordello of the sleaziest variety. Here both men and women parade themselves for the use of the customers who desire a little companionship for a set amount of time.
The Amber Eye is headed by Quetai Zh’angor a medusa sorcerer (6th) from Droaam that moved into the city several years ago and created a niche in the market. Her basement is filled with souvenir statues of those who opposed her.

Some of her other branches of business are;

Smuggling. She owns 2 vessels (The Silverwind and The Stormcrow) that are agile and quick, these are used to carry illicit goods to and from various destinations, at first glance these vessels seem reputable and their crews are unconcerned with their cargo as long as they get paid.

Fencing. Many magic items that are distributed through the dark streets of Lower Dura originated a little higher up. The Amber Eye acquires the proceeds of crime from the wealthier quarters and distributes them according to the best payer in the less opulent districts.

Thuggery. If someone needs teaching a lesson, or even killing then The Amber Eye have the resources to do just that. Zh’angor has lots of muscle on the payroll.

The activities of The Amber Eye are being watched by both House Phiarlan and House Thuranni. House Thuranni prefers to gather information about them, observing their allies and watching which officials are utilising their services – for later profit.

All prominent members wear a ring of amber set with onyx to resemble an eye.
House Thuranni is particularly interested in The Amber Eye as a tool, a right hand who will do some of their dirty work without bloodying the House’s hands.

Conversely, The Amber Eye is watching both these House’s interests.
They are underestimating the power of “The Eye”, not realising just how far its influence leads.

With regards to other criminal organisations “The Eye” is particularly territorial. Castellan is where it operates and it doesn’t tolerate trespassers.

The Boromar Clan use “The Eye” as one arm of its muscle. They pay a monthly sum and the “Eye” keeps watch in Castellan for them, although certain jobs may require more gold.

Daask are considered a threat. They are ultimately ruled by Droaam and although Zh’angor would never openly admit it, she despises them. Since she left her homeland several years ago she has tried to maintain her allegiances their but one by one Daask are cutting them off. They want the monster monopoly….
Zh’angor does however still maintain contacts in Droaam for her smuggling and acquisitions sidelines.

House Tarkanan are both hated and loved by “The Eye”. They provide many of the items that are taken from the wealthier districts; this makes the “Eye” a lot of gold. However they are not always overly discerning about what they take and often provide particularly hot items for fencing. This has got agents of the “Eye” into trouble more than once.

The Tyrants are in direct competition with “The Eye”. They covet the bordellos of Castellan and often try to infiltrate the organisation. This has led to a strict no changeling policy in the organisation or any of its establishments. They just cannot be trusted.

When meeting Zh’angor she is usually in an ornate basement room accompanied by the think scent of Droaam incense. She is either draped with a heavy cowl masking her face in shadow, or she is behind a screen or curtain of some sort. She has no intention of petrifying those she is doing business with.

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