The Black Chapel

This is the predominent building in Cliffton, an intimidating structure made of wood and Obsidian carved from the west coast, devoted to the worship of the Dark Six. It is constructed in somewhat of a hexagonal shape, with the northern Shrine to the Keeper actually extending much farther. The Keeper's Chapel is the only two story shrine in the building, and has a steeple which towers above it with church bell that the town relies upon.

Items for Sale

Name Quantity Price Notes
Gloves of Dexterity +2 1 4,000 gp Temporarily reserved for possible acquisition to Palace treasury
Elixir of Sneaking 1 400gp
Scroll of Undetectable Alignment (Divine) 4 150 gp Grey parchment with Silverflecked ink
Scroll of Charm Animal (Divine) 6 25 gp Scroll is a rolled up guava leaf pressed thin and written with black ink reserved


Main Level

1.) Entrance/Shrine to The Traveller

2.) Shrine to The Devourer
The first room on your left

3.) Shrine to The Mockery
The second room on your left

4.) Shrine to The Shadow
The first room on your right

5.) Shrine to The Fury
The Second room on your right

6.) Main Hall
A Gathering hall for members of all faiths, priests of The Traveller constantly rearrange pews and ornamentation.

7.) The Keeper's Chapel
The far end of the Temple, the only multi-story shrine, this is the main focus of the Temple. It is the main hall for any funerals, weddings, or large religious ceremonies which take place in the community.


8.) Morgue/Tomb
Below the Keeper's Chapel is the Church's morgue. They are responsible for preparing the dead for funerals, draining the blood for Blood of Vol rites, and interring the dead in the temporary tomb.

9.) Temple Storage
Underneath the Main Hall is the main store rooms for all the shrines. All religious paraphenalia is kept below.

10.) Vault
Church Tithes have to be stored somewhere. These are guarded by powerful undead and constructs.


Only known to the elite followers of Vol


Below the Sub-Basement, these are only known to a select few, they house an undead army that The Blood Of Vol is growing. Ghouls roam corridors, skeletons await packed in tombs, and zombies shuffle along on predetermined routes. Many traps obscure the trail to an unknown room…

Note: Inspiration for the Black Chapel comes from the First Diablo game, descending through subbasements, into caverns and eventually into Khyber/Hell itself.

Kingdom Stats: 2 minor items (1 Scroll/Potion); Loyalty +3, Stability +2; Unrest –2

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