The Blackened Book

Magic is a powerful tool and a deadly weapon. A powerful sorcerer can decimate a platoon of guardsmen. As a result, the ability to contain and control the use of magic is a vital resource. Since the beginning of the Last War, sorcerers and magewrights who have displayed a talent for abjuration or divination have been pressed into the service of the Brelish Crown.
The Blackened Book is a branch of the Sharn Watch, consisting of countermages who are trained to monitor and dispel magical energy. The mages of the Book may be called in to use detect magic to look for traces of mystical foul play, to use detect thoughts for difficult interrogations, or dispel magic to contain magic-using insurgents or criminals.
The Blackened Book also keeps track of the most powerful spellcasters in Sharn, and they might approach an experienced PC wizard and deputize the character to assist on a case that exceeds their own skills.
The headquarters of the Blackened Book is in the Warden Towers district of [[[Middle Menthis]], within the garrison of the Sharn Watch.

Prominent NPCs
The commanding officer of the Blackened Book is Lady Warden Maira ir’Talan.
Most of the members of the Blackened Book are 4th-level arcane or divine spellcasters. Two notable exceptions are the chief countermage of the Book, Warden Balan Cord (LG male human magewright 12), and the lead investigator, Warden Hasal Dalian (LN male gnome diviner 6).

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