The Citadel Of The Sun

Type: Temple (Dol Arrah)
Head Priest: Aerela Tal (LG female half-elf adept 12)
Location: Sharn, Upper Dura, Hope's Peak

The tallest tower in Hope’s Peak is the Citadel of the Sun, a temple dedicated to Dol Arrah, the Sovereign lady of Sun and Sword. The stone of the tower has been enchanted to shine like gold, but it is still stone—something that has proven to be a grave disappointment to many a beggar who has sought to scrape a shaving from the wall. Aerela Tal (LG female half-elf adept 12), a devoted priest who served with distinction in the war before retiring, maintains the temple. Aerela does not sell divine spells, but she may provide assistance in exchange for services; she is distressed by the darkness in Sharn, and would like to see light shed on the shadows of the city.
This large and beautiful temple’s tower rises far above the other districts of Upper Dura. At the top lies a garden, where three golden griffons—halfcelestial creatures (7, 8, and 9 HD respectively) said to have been touched by the lady of the sun—reside. The griffons rarely stray from the tower, but an oracle has said that they will rise and fight at the time of Sharn’s greatest peril. Killing one of these creatures would be a heinous crime that would outrage the devotees of the goddess.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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