The Cogs

The towers of Sharn reach up to the sky. But its tunnels also stretch down into the earth. Far below the forgotten ruins of the Depths, these undercity warrens are known as the Cogs. The great furnaces and foundries of the Cogs form the industrial base of Sharn. The borders of the different Cogs “districts” are not as clearly defined as they are on the surface, but there are a few well-known (and often infamous) areas.
Few people with any choice live in the Cogs. Those who work in the foundries usually find homes in Lower Dura or Lower Tavick’s landing, and Khyber’s Gate is the only place where there are actual homes to be found. In spite of this, the Cogs do support a
population of a few thousand people. Criminals and fugitives hide from the law. Forbidden cults and other sinister organizations set up temporary residence in the Cogs to practice their dark rituals. But in addition to these individuals, a culture has developed in the sewer levels and the Depths above the Cogs over the course of centuries. These “cellar dwellers” live dangerous lives, scavenging the refuse of the world above and battling one another for territory. But they know the secrets of UnderSharn—and the passages that lead to the forgotten ruins that litter the levels between the Lower-City and the Cogs.
Watch Detail: The Cogs has no Watch garrison; on the rare occasion that a City Watch patrol enters the Cogs, it comes from one of the districts above.

The Upper Cogs

Ashblack (Industry District)
Blackbones (Industry District)
Khyber's Gate (Undercity)

Down Below

The Sewers
The Depths

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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