The Depths

The sewers are the bowels of Sharn. But there are older ruins that predate the great city. UnderSharn represents the remains of the great cities of old buried in the forgotten Depths between the Lower- City and the Sewers and the Cogs far below.
When Galifar I ordered Sharn to be rebuilt, all passages to the Depths were bound with iron and magic, and traffic between the surface and the ruins was forbidden. Still, there are many things that could draw adventurers down to the Depths. The simplest is greed. A great deal of treasure must still be hidden in the ruins of UnderSharn. In addition, a number of the dragonmarked houses had enclaves that were abandoned during the War of the Mark and lost when the city was destroyed; a dragonmarked lord could hire a party to recover relics from the past.
The Depths, or UnderSharn, is in essence a series of dungeons. The surviving sections of the city are scattered throughout the underworld, and each one may be sealed in a different manner and hold different threats.

The Servants of Calderus: Far beneath the towers of Sharn, in the lost regions of the Depths, lies the ancient psionic vampire Calderus. From within her hidden crypt, Calderus wields significant power in the City of Towers. Though she rarely leaves her sanctuary, she rules the Servants, a network of enslaved vampires and dominated pawns of various races. This network of spies and agents operates as her eyes, ears, and hands in the city, advancing her plots and gathering intelligence that adds to the vampire lord’s significant storehouse of information.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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