The Devourer

“The Sovereign of Wave and Whelm,”
Neutral Evil
The Devourer is often associated with his sister, Arawai: Just as Arawai is the deity of the natural world, the Devourer is the lord of nature’s destructive side. Civilized folk might pray to Arawai for a bountiful harvest, but they also beseech her brother to protect that harvest from flooding and drought. The Devourer is also god of the deep. The ocean waves are his sole purview, and any sailor (regardless of alignment or beliefs) would be wise to pay at least lip service to his power. In this capacity, the god finds worshipers among the lizardfolk, sahuagin, and other aquatic races.
Portfolio: Devastation, hunger, nautical travel, storms, water.
Domains: Cold‡, Destruction, Evil, Pestilence‡, Ocean‡, Water, Weather*.
Priest Training: Priests of the Devourer are familiar with nature in general, and with water and storms in particular. Most were fishers, sailors, or slaves before becoming priests.
Quests: The Devourer’s faithful quest to rescue those lost at sea, end or cause drought, or protect rivers and lakes from the unworthy (even if it means destroying them).
Prayers and Rites: Sacrifices to the Devourer involve immersion in water; grim stories abound of living creatures tossed into maelstroms. Vassals entreat the god to cease flooding or drought, and to show mercy when they are lost at sea.
Shrines: Shrines to the Devourer are usually built of wood, and many are roofless, allowing rain to enter freely. Others are built on the water itself, either on lakeside barges or in the cabins of seafaring vessels. They stink of blood and are hung with rotting seaweed.
Favored Weapon: Trident.
Holy Symbol: A bundle of five sharpened bones.

Additional Info

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  • Associated Day: Sulday
  • Associated Months: The first season, called Devouring, corresponds to the months of Zarantyr and Olarune (mid- to late winter) on the standard calendar.
  • Associated Color: Green
  • Sahuagin Temple Of The Devourer - A sample temple to the devourer, maintained by it's Sahuagin priests.

Source: Faiths of Eberron

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