The Fury

“The Sovereign of Rage and Ruin,”
Neutral Evil
Daughter to Arawai and the Devourer, the Fury is a deity of passion driven to extremes. She is patron to all who allow their passions to consume them, regardless of whom else they worship. Her followers cultivate rage and resentment among the so-called “civilized,” to better spread the influence of their god. The Fury watches over barbarians everywhere, as well as certain types of artists, crafters, and bards. She is also the deity of favor among many intelligent monsters.
Portfolio: Anger, extremism, insanity, passion, revenge.
Domains: Evil, Liberation‡, Hatred‡, Madness*, Passion*, Wrath‡.
Priest Training: In all matters, the Fury’s priests are passionate. They must have an intimate understanding of pain and loss. Many were bereaved during the Last War, and many fought in it.
Quests: The Fury demands her followers inflame passion by every means possible to break down the strictures of formality and custom.
Prayers and Rites: The Fury’s rites are deeply personal affairs. Sacrifices almost always involve bloodshed, sometimes on the part of the petitioner, sometimes not. One word that never describes any rite conducted in the Fury’s name is “somber.”
Shrines: Shrines to the Fury are as varied as her worshipers. Among certain drow sects, temples are strangely elaborate and meticulously maintained. By contrast, a monstrous shrine might be little more than a pile of bones, with fresh kills piled regularly on top.
Favored Weapon: Rapier.
Holy Symbol: A red-and-black, winged wyrm with a woman’s head and upper body.

Additional Info

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  • Associated Day: Molday
  • Associated Months: The fifth season, named Fury, encompasses the months of Rhaan and Sypheros (early to mid-autumn).*
  • Associated Color: Red

Source: Faiths of Eberron

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